Pahapajari pastillirasiat kolmella eri makuvaihtoehdolla

Pahapajari pastillirasiat kolmella eri makuvaihtoehdolla

  • Pahapajari pastillirasiat kolmella eri makuvaihtoehdolla
  • tiimin käyttöön oma rasia
  • Metallic tins with your own logo
  • Metallirasioita on saannissa kolmella eri värivaihtoehdolla

Metallic tins with your own logo

Product category: Product brand: Narskuttelu Oy

Price 228,00 €

Now you can order tin cans with xylitol from us with your own brand logo. We serve you quickly and flexibly. Xylitol products are manufactured and packaged in our factory at Kitee, Finland. The products are suitable for business gifts, fair products, or fundraisers, for example. Prices vary from 1,43€ to 2,28€/pcs. according to order volume. In the cart 1 order piece = 100 tin cans. The cart calculates the price based on the order quantity. For example, for 100 tin cans, the price is 228 € (2,28€/piece). The price of 1000 pastille box is 1770€ (1,77€/piece) etc.

If you want another amount feel free to contact us!

The tin can contains 25g full xylitol pastilles and a sticker with the information you want on the label. The order can contain several different flavors. The colour options for the cans are red, silver and black. You can choose multiple colors for an order. When placing an order, you can deliver the logo material by e-mail or download the file directly from this website. We will contact you and you can agree on the details of the order

We will provide you with a quick draft based on the material and your wishes and the logo is printed with 4 colour printing.

Delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks after approval of the logo material.

You may download your image file here!

You may select the colour for the tins

Select the correct flavour option

Pricing metallic tin cans with xylitol

In the shopping cart 1pcs = 100 tin cans. For example, if you want 500 cans, choose 5pcs into your cart.

  1. 100-400 tin cans 2,28€/piece
  2. 500-900 tin cans 2,00€/piece
  3. 1000-2900 tin cans 1,77€/piece
  4. 3000- tin cans 1,43€/piece

Flavour options and pastille information

  • Xylitol lozenges contain 0,8 grams of xylitol and calcium.
  • Flavour options natural flavourings/flavourings: Mint-menthol, Smoke&Tar, Salty-Liquorice, Lemon, Strawberry and Apple.
  • Product description of metallic pastille cans
  • contains 25g full xylitol pastilles
  • diameter of the can is approx. 5cm
  • metallic threaded lid
  • label sticker with four-color printing

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