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Xylitol pastilles flight game

In the flight game of Xylitol pastilles, you dodge cardboard packs and game-rim of DentalXylitol teeth with xylitol pastilles of different flavours. Xylitol pastilles of different tastes vary in size, making it more difficult to play depending on the flavour of the pastille. The further the xylitol pastille travel on the track from its starting point, the higher the discount percentage you will deserve for the online store of The game works on both a mobile touchscreen and a computer. Have a nice playing moment.

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Acid attack on tooth game

Play the acid attack xylitol pastille game and earn discount coupons for your online store. The game lasts about two to three minutes, which is as long as you should be brushing your teeth in the morning and night. In the game, you prevent tooth bugs from damaging the teeth with xylitol pastilles of different flavors. The more points you get from the game, you'll get a bigger discount coupon for the online store.

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Play xylitol pastille game and have fun!
Play the mobile friendly game and save the teeth by different xylitol pastilles

Endless tooth runner game

Play endless tooth runner game and win a discount coupon into our online store.

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