Xylitol products from Finland

Narskuttelu Oy manufactures oral care xylitol products in Puhos, Eastern Finland, Kitee, Finland. Founded in 2010, the company's main products include bite guards and full xylitol pastilles. Over the years, the company's product development has expanded to more special products, including chewing gum, xylitol lollipops, mouthwash tablets, xylitol toothpaste, dry mouth tablets, plaque-disclosing tablets, and xylitol hand sanitiser. The company's online store, DentalXylitol.com, offers the most comprehensive range of different xylitol products in the country and abroad. Our products are also available at wholesale prices for companies, parents' associations, schools, kindergartens, sports clubs and associations. You will also find brandable corporate gifts and white-label products in our selection.

Our online store serves private customers around the world. Delivery time is 3-7 business days in the EU. 

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