Four-color custom logo printing on your sugar-free candy bags.

Four-color custom logo printing on your sugar-free candy bags.

  • Four-color custom logo printing on your sugar-free candy bags.
  • Customizable Sample Bags with Your Logo.
  • Promotional xylitol candies for a local grocery van.
  • This key flag mark recognises that the toothpaste has been manufactured or produced, in Finland.

Price 165,00 €

Now it is possible to order xylitol promotional sweets with private label. Both the xylitol pastille manufacturing as well as the bag printing is done in our company's facility. The xylitol sample bags can be used e.g. for advertising purposes, dental clinics, election campaigns or even weddings.

  • You can choose from a wide selection of flavours. Your order can include multiple flavours.
  • Each bag contains 3-5 xylitol pastilles per bag
  • the size of the bag is 55 mm x 65 mm
  • Four-color process printing (cmyk)
  • Heat sealed on three edges

In the shopping cart, 1 pc = 100 sample bags

Delivery two weeks after receipt and acceptance of the printed material

Printed material can be sent by e-mail to customer

After placing an order, our customer service will contact you

Want more information about xylitol pastilles, contact us!

Xylitol Pastille Bag Dimensions and Flavor Options

One bag contains 3-5 xylitol pastilles. The private label is printed in four colors and the printing area is approximately 45 x 45 mm. The material of the bag is white laminated paper and the bag is three side heat sealed.

The size of bag is approximately (l) 55 x (h) 55mm. The delivery time is approx. two weeks from the accepted printing material.

The xylitol pastille contains 0.8 grams of xylitol plus calcium for teeth.

The flavour options are in natural flavours: 1. liquorice, 2. liquorice-strawberry, 3. strawberry-liquorice, 4. strawberry, 5. apple, 6. pear, 7. raspberry, 8. coffee, 9. gingerbread (cinnamon, clove, pomegranate) 10. peppermint, mint, menthol, 11. chilli liquorice, 

Aromas: 1. Salty-liquorice, 2. Cola, 3. Cherry Cola.

Berry juice powders: 1. Sea buckthorn, 2. Lingonberry, 3. Blackcurrant and 4. Wild Blueberry.

The products are manufactured in Kitee. #madeinkitee

How the bags are sealed

In the video below, you can follow the production of the xylitol pastilles bags. The printed laminate roll is first heat-sealed lengthwise to make a tube. The scale then dispenses the desired amount of pastilles into the bag. Next, the length of the bag is adjusted. In the last process, the cutter cuts the bag and at the same time the bag is heat sealed.

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