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The challenge for the xylitol lollipops so far has been the stickiness and a different mouthfeel. Xylitol lollipops have had a very different mouthfeel compared to traditional lollipops made from sugar and glucose syrup. In addition, xylitol has a tendency to recrystallize from lollipops, which has changed the lollipop's mouthfeel and appearance. In xylitol lollipops on the market, the xylitol content of the lollipop mass has been very low, even less than 5% of the composition. The DentalXylitol xylitol lollipop solves this problem with a different manufacturing method, and the xylitol content of the lollipops has been able to increase to 30% and the mouthfeel is similar to traditional lollipops. There are multiple flavour options at the moment. The lollipops are sugar-free with great taste.

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