24.10.2023 Advent Calendar now available!

This year’s advent calendar is now available from our web store. The calendar includes 24 small bags, each filled with a different flavour of our xylitol pastilles.

A lovely advent calendar with 24 numbered paper bags! Each bag has a different flavour. The front of the bags have a calendar number, and from the back you can see the product information and the flavour. You can challenge either yourself or your friend to guess which flavour is in each bag, and then check the correct answer from the back!

You can keep the numbered bags in a Christmas themed basket, or you can craft a proper calendar by attaching the bags to something else. You can really get creative!

Take care of your teeth while enjoying delicious sweet xylitol pastilles while waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. Order our advent calendar for yourself or for a loved one today, so your December will be sweeter than ever!

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