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100 % Xylitol powder can be used as regular sugar! Xylitol is as sweet as regular sugar.

Tuotepaketit - Bundles

A Taste of Finland: Sweetened with Xylitol & Finnish Berry Powders

We offer a range of xylitol products flavoured with the finest Finnish berry powders, including sea buckthorn, black currant, lingonberry, and blueberry.

  • Enjoy the taste of Finnish berries while reaping the benefits of xylitol.
  • Made with 100% xylitol for a healthier sweetness.
  • Perfect for sweetening tea, coffee, yoghurt, or sprinkling on top of desserts.

Versatile Sweetener: Xylitol Powder

Our xylitol powders are a fantastic alternative to regular sugar for everyday use.

  • Use it for baking (though note that xylitol doesn't activate yeast, so adjust recipes accordingly).
  • Sweeten your favourite beverages or add them to smoothies for a refreshing boost.

Xylitol Benefits: More Than Just a Sweet Surprise

Xylitol is much more than just a sugar substitute. Beyond its sweetening power, xylitol is a high-value compound from biomass, recognized by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the European Commission (2015) for its biomass potential. While its benefits to oral care and plaque prevention are well-known, research suggests potential health benefits that extend far beyond dental health. This category dives into the potential of xylitol, exploring its lesser-known advantages for your overall health and well-being. Xylitol has even potential to be an ingredient in sustainable nylon production and has exciting possibilities for other essential chemicals.

The review articles by Salli et al. (2019), Ahuja et al. (2020) and many others highlight xylitol offers a surprising range of benefits in human health:

Xylitol: More Than Just Dental Benefits

  • Skin Soother: While more research is needed, some studies suggest xylitol may improve skin hydration and elasticity (Korponyai et al., 2017).
  • Digestive Tract Ally: Xylitol acts as a prebiotic as reviewed by Salli et al (2019), fostering the growth of good bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus in your gut. These beneficial microbes contribute to healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and a stronger immune system.
  • Bowel Function Boost: Xylitol may help regulate bowel movements (Kiyat and Sut, 2022) and potentially reduce constipation (Salli et al. 2019), although more research is ongoing.

Beyond the Mouth: Xylitol's Potential for Ear, Nose, and Throat Health

Xylitol's antimicrobial properties extend beyond the mouth. Studies suggest it may play a role in:

  • Respiratory Health: Xylitol might help reduce the frequency and severity of upper respiratory infections (Kontiokari et al, 1995).
  • Sinusitis Relief: Research indicates xylitol nasal sprays may offer some relief from sinusitis symptoms (Weissman et al, 2011).
  • Combatting Acute Otitis Media (Ear Infections): Studies show promise for xylitol in reducing the incidence of ear infections, particularly in children (Uhari et al, 2000).

Building Strong Bones: The Potential Role of Xylitol

Early research suggests a link between xylitol consumption and increased bone mineral density (Mattila, 1999). While more studies are needed, xylitol's potential to support bone health is an exciting area of exploration.

Xylitol and Your Immune System: A Balancing Act

Xylitol may possess immune-modulatory and anti-inflammatory effects, potentially supporting a healthy immune system. Great review of the topic is presented by Salli et al, 2019. However, more research is required to fully understand these potential benefits.

Xylitol for Weight Management: A Sweet Companion?

Xylitol's minimal impact on blood sugar levels makes it an attractive option for those managing weight. Additionally, some animal studies suggest xylitol may promote a positive impact on weight management, to control blood glucose and lipid profile potentially aiding in weight management efforts (Ahmad and Yusoff, 2015). However, a healthy diet and exercise remain the cornerstones of weight management.

Explore the Potential of Xylitol

This category just scratches the surface of xylitol's potential health benefits and many of the benefits shown above are mainly based on in vitro and animal studies so much more research is needed. As research continues to unveil its potential, xylitol may emerge as a powerful tool for promoting overall health and well-being.

Enjoying the Xylitol Advantage

Incorporating xylitol into your daily routine is easy and delicious. Xylitol pastilles offer a convenient and satisfying way to reap the benefits throughout the day. Look for sugar-free chewing gum, lollipops and toothpaste containing xylitol for an extra dose of oral health support. While xylitol is generally safe, excessive consumption can cause digestive discomfort in some individuals. Start with moderate amounts and increase gradually as tolerated.

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