Is it worth making hand sanitizer products anymore? 5th of January 2023

The biggest hand sanitiser boom is behind us, but Narskuttelu Oy, which operates in Puhos in Kitee, Finland has launched a hand sanitiser product that supports the company's xylitol product production and expands the company's product range for other health.

The company had the idea of a xylitol-based hand sanitiser even before the coronavirus pandemic, but the product was not launched on the market when hand sanitiser products came onto the market from several different operators at an accelerating pace.

-One of the problems with hand sanitiser products has been the hand-drying effect of hand sanitisers, for which Narskuttelu Oy seeks a new moisturizing raw material alternative from xylitol, says entrepreneur Pekka Hoppu.

Since xylitol is known to moisturize and regulate the bacterial strain in the skin, it is part of the ideal raw material for the hand sanitiser product range and the company's xylitol-based product range.

A big problem with the use of xylitol in ethanol-based hand sanitisers has been the poor solubility of xylitol in ethanol, but a large amount of xylitol is not required to form a moisturizing effect. In addition, the hand sanitiser also has trehalose and betaine, which are known for their moisturizing properties for the skin and they work well in combination with xylitol.

Narskuttelu Oy is a manufacturer of oral health and especially xylitol products based in Puhos, Eastern Finland, Kitee. Founded in 2017, the company's main products include night guards and full xylitol pastilles. Over the years, the company's own product development has also expanded to more special products, such as xylitol lollipops, birch sap toothpaste and dry mouth tablets.

The company has manufactured hand sanitiser for its own use already before because the company's own production facility uses a lot of hand sanitiser after washing hands and now brings hand sanitiser containing xylitol to the consumer market as well.


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