Plenty of flavor options in an ecological paper tube.

Plenty of flavor options in an ecological paper tube.

  • Plenty of flavor options in an ecological paper tube.
  • Xylitol lozenges in a paper can.
  • This key flag mark recognises that the product has been manufactured, in Finland.

Xylitol pastilles in a paper can 100 g

Price 4,99 €

The Halko (birch log in Finnish) is a paper can with a printed birch trunk look. The package contains 100g xylitol pastilles with the flavour option selected. The stylish birch trunk packaging is suitable for yourself or even as a gift. The xylitol packaging is made of cardboard and can be recycled for cardboard recycling. The package is closed with a re-closing plastics cap.

This product has a quantity discount. When ordering 5 cans or more, the online store calculates the product discount price according to the order quantity.

  • High xylitol amount in pastille (approx. 800 mg of xylitol per pastille).
  • Colourants are not used. All used ingredients are plant-based and non-GMO.
  • Halal and kosher quality ingredients.
  • Produced in Finland.
  • Over 20 flavour options to select.

Recyclable cardboard packaging with a plastic resealable cap.

Delivery is done as a package due to the size of the log. The diameter of the log is 40 mm and the height is 151 mm.

115-120 pastilles in a pack of 100 grams.


100 g - 49,95 €/kg

500 g - 45,00 €/kg

1000 g - 42,00 €/kg

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