Chili-Liquorice xylitol lozenges are hot

Chili-Liquorice xylitol lozenges are hot

  • Chili-Liquorice xylitol lozenges are hot
  • Hot chili-liquorice xylitol pastilles is a great option for people who love hot chili .
  • Pastille size is 13 mm x 6mm and the shape is round.
  • Xylitol pastilles are packed in a resealable bags.
  • This mark recognises that the product has been manufactured and produced, in Finland.

Chili-Liquorice Xylitol Pastilles 100 g

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Hot and absolutely delicious Chili-Liquorice make you sweat. Hot chili with salty and sweet after taste! Best idea for adults and chili enthusiast. You must try these pastilles!

Xylitol protects teeth from cavities and is a healthier alternative to normal sugar. Use xylitol after every meal of snack to prevent tooth demineralisation and cavities. Xylitol will also increase salivation.

Chili-Liquorice Xylitol Pastilles contain 92 %-wt. of birch sugar and 3 %-wt. of HOT chili powder with liquorice powder. Chili powder is extra hot!! Be aware when use it! People who likes hot chili foods prefer usually of these pastilles.

Use 1 to 2 pastilles after snacks or meal. The recommended daily intake is 5 g of xylitol per day. Pastille weight is approx. 850 mg and in 100 g there will be about 120 tablets which mean 120 snacks or meal. Allow xylitol to melt slowly in mouth.

  • High xylitol content i.e. 92 %-wt.
  • 100 % taste of chili and liquorice powder. 
  • Colour of tablets is from natural chili and liquorice powder.
  • Produced in Finland.

The product belongs to the following bundles:

Ingredients: Sweetener xylitol (92 %), carboxmethylcelluloce, chili and liquorice powder, calciumphosphate (3%-wt.), vegetable magnesium stearate.

Usage: Suck 1 – 2 tablets after every snack and meal. The efficient dose is no less than 6 tablets per day. Excessive consumption  
of xylitol may have a laxative effect.  Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Ravintoarvo / Näringsvärde / Nährwertdeklaration / Nutrition information per 100 g
Energia / Energi / Energie / Energy 1010 kJ / 242 kcal,
Rasva / Fett / Fett / Fat 1.5 g,
josta tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja / varav mättat fett / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which Saturates 1.5 g,
Hiilihydraatit / Kolhydrat / Kohlenhydrate / Carbohydrates 92g,
josta Sokereita / varav Sockerarter / davon Zucker / of which Sugar 0 g
Proteiini / Protein / Eiweiß / Protein 0 g
Suola / Salt / Salz / Salt 0 g

Le Chili-Réglisse chaud et absolument délicieux vous fait transpirer. Chili chaud avec un arrière-goût salé et sucré!

Varm och helt utsökt Chili-lakrits får dig att svettas. Varm chili med salt och söt efter smak!

Heißes und absolut leckeres Chili-Lakritz bringt Sie zum Schwitzen. Hot Chili mit salzigem und süßem Nachgeschmack!

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