Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g

Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g

  • Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g
  • Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g
  • Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g

Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles 100 g

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Lingonberry is a popular finnish berry and now you can feel the same taste with the fantastic lingonberry xylitolpastille. Xylitol protects teeth from cavities and is a healthier alternative to normal sugar. Use xylitol after every meal of snack to prevent tooth mineralisation and cavities. It also increase salivation and helping dry mouth.

L'airelle est une baie finlandaise populaire et vous pouvez maintenant ressentir le même goût avec la fantastique xylitolpastille d'airelle.

Preiselbeere ist eine beliebte finnische Beere und jetzt können Sie den gleichen Geschmack mit der fantastischen Preiselbeere Xylitolpastille spüren.

Lingonbär är en populär finsk bär och nu kan du känna samma smak med den fantastiska lingonbär xylitolpastille.

Lingonberry Xylitol Pastilles contain 88 %-wt. of birch xylitol and natural lingonberry juice powder from Finland.

  • High xylitol content i.e. 88 %-wt.
  • Contains also calcium and phosphate to make up tooth enamel
  • 100 % taste of lingonberry powder. 
  • Colour of tablets is from natural lingonberry powder.
  • Produced in Finland.
  • Xylitol product is vegan, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, ethical, environmentally-friendly, lactose-free, no added colors or preservatives.

Use 1 to 2 pastilles after snacks or meal. The maximum daily intake is 5 g of xylitol per day which means 7 xylitol sugar free candy per day. Pastille weight is about 850 mg and in 100 g there will be about 120 tablets which mean 120 snacks or meal. Allow xylitol to melt slowly in mouth.

Ingredients in lingonberry xylitol pastilles:
Xylitol 88 %-wt. (carboxymethylcellulose), lingonberry juice powder (maltodextrin), dicalciumphosphate, calciumcarbonate, vegetable magnesium stearate.

Usage: Suck 1 – 2 pastilles after every snack and meal. The efficient dose is no less than 7 pastilles per day. Excessive consumption  
of xylitol may have a laxative effect.  Store in a dry place at room temperature.

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