Appelsiinin makuiset ksylitolipastillit, 100g.

Appelsiinin makuiset ksylitolipastillit, 100g.

Orange xylitol pastilles 100 g

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Full xylitol pastilles with natural orange flavour. A much-desired option that is liked by both children and adults. A low-calorie alternative for sweets.
Ingredients: Sweetener xylitol (92%) carboxymethylcellulose, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, natural aroma.

  • Approximately 110 xylitol pastilles in a 100 g.
  • For 5 grams of xylitol you get from 6 pastilles.
  • Manufactured in Finland.
  • Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, dairy-free
  • Prices per kilo: 100g - 41,00€/kg
  • The 100 g package is packed in a heat-sealed and re-sealable bag.

One kilogram packages can be found from the following link

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Ingredients: Sweetener xylitol (92%) carboxymethylcellulose, calcium phosphate, natural orange flavour, magnesium stearate.

Usage: Suck 1 - 2 pastilles after every snack and meal. The efficient dose is no less than 6 xylitol pastilles per day for teeth. Excessive consumption of xylitol may have laxative effect. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Energy content / Ravintoarvo / Näringsvärde per 100 g
Energy / Energia / energi 1010 kJ / 242 kcal
Carbohydrates / Hiilihydraatit / kolhydrat 92 g
Of which sugar /josta sokeria / varav socker 0 g
Fat / Rasva / fett 1 g
Of which saturates / Josta tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja / varav mättade fettsyror 1 g
Protein / Proteiini / protein 0 g
Salt / Suola / salt 0 g

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