Mother's Day tin can 25 g

Mother's Day tin can 25 g

  • Mother's Day tin can 25 g
  • Choose from "Mom", "Grandma", "Mamma", or "Mama" as the text on the lid
  • This mark recognises that the product has been manufactured and produced, in Finland.

Mother's Day tin can 25 g

Product category: Product brand: Narskuttelu Oy

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Surprise your beloved mom, grandma, or nana with their very own personalized pastille tin! This rose-themed tin contains 25g of delicious strawberry-flavoured xylitol pastilles.

Choose from "Mom", "Grandma", "Mamma", or "Mama" as the text on the lid to make it extra special for your loved one.

Celebrate this special day by giving your mother or grandmother a unique and thoughtful gift. Our limited-edition tin is perfect for showing your love and appreciation. Order now and make their day even more memorable!

Ingredients: Xylitol sweetener (92%, about 800 mg), carboxymethyl cellulose, calcium phosphate (3%), magnesium stearate, natural flavour, and lingonberry juice powder (colour).

Directions for use: Suck on 1-2 xylitol pastilles after each meal. The recommended dose is 6 pastilles per day. Excessive use may have a laxative effect. Store in a dry place at room temperature. You will get 5 grams of xylitol from 6 pastilles. The tin contains approximately 28-30 pastilles. The product is made in Kitee, Finland. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, lactose-free, and dairy-free.

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