Tabletit jotka värjäävät plakin esiin

Tabletit jotka värjäävät plakin esiin

Plaque disclosing tablets 10 pcs

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Xylitol-based plaque dyeing tablets help you to notice the problem areas of your teeth. Disclosing dies to change the colour of dental plaque so that it contrasts with the white tooth surface. The package contains 10 tablets.

Instructions for use:

First, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. Chew a plaque disclosing tablet and let it mix with the saliva in your mouth. Do not swallow the tablet. Take a small amount of water into your mouth and then swish the solution around for about 30 seconds and spit it out.

When you see the dyed areas in the mirror, you can identify trouble spots on your teeth.

There is a plaque at the points where the dye is left, and the cleaning of these points should be improved. The cracks on tooth enamel can also be well observed with colour tablets, because the colour does not stick to the healthy tooth enamel as well as on the tooth bone under the enamel.

The tablet has a mild minty flavour and is suitable for use for all ages.

Caution: The disclosing agents can stain so do not splash any on your clothes.

Ingredients: Xylitol, Betaine, Magnesium stearate, Aroma mint, Carboxymethylcellulose, Colours CI 45430 (E127), CI 42090 (E133).

Package contains 10 tablets.

Total weight 9 g.

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