Valentine's Day - xylitol pastilles 25g

Valentine's Day - xylitol pastilles 25g

  • Valentine's Day - xylitol pastilles 25g
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Valentine's Day - xylitol pastilles 25g

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A tin can for a friend as a gift for Valentine's Day. Pastilles taste like strawberry. The lid has a thread so the can will stay well closed in a pocket or in the handbag.

The default text is in Finnish, but write in the order if you want the text in English (My best friend).

You also can order tin cans with xylitol from us with your own brand logo.

Xylitol tablets contain 92 %-wt. of xylitol and natural flavor. Use 1 to 2 pastilles after snacks or meal. Pastille weight is approx. 850 mg and in 25 g package there will be about 30 pastilles. Allow xylitol to melt slowly in mouth. Diabetic-friendly, Non-GMO, Vegan, GF & Kosher

  • High xylitol content i.e. 92 %-wt.
  • 100 % taste of natural flavour. Flavours are 100% from the fruit or plant.
  • Artificial colourants are not used.
  • Produced in Kitee Finland.
  • Calcium phosphate together with xylitol improves the oral health.

Ingredients: Sweetener xylitol 92 %-wt. (carboxymethylcellulose) ,calcium phosphate, natural flavour, magnesium stearate and lingonberry juice powder (colour).

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