Xylitol mouthwash tablets. Chew OR dissolve it into water.

Xylitol mouthwash tablets. Chew OR dissolve it into water.

Xylitol mouthwash tablets 15 pcs

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Introducing Xylitol Mouthwash Tablets - the perfect solution for fresh breath on the go! These convenient tablets dissolve quickly in water to give you a refreshing, minty mouthwash in seconds. A new kind of mouthwash tablet especially for dry and sensitive mouth. Now you can easily take your mouthwash as an effervescent tablet. You just add warm water and wait a moment. After dissolving the mouthwash tablet, the solution is ready for use OR chew it with water for 10 seconds to transform the tablet into liquid. The color of the mouthwash is not clear because the solution contain calcium for the teeth and vegetable oil as well as betaine to moisturize the oral mucous. The acidity of the product is adjusted to be tooth friendly.

Mouthwash has been especially made for people suffering from the dry mouth. The composition moisturizes the oral mucosa with betaine and oil and the mild taste of mint together with zinc gives a fresh feeling to the mouth. One tube contains 15 mouthwash tablets.

Made with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that has been shown to promote oral health by reducing the risk of tooth decay, Xylitol Mouthwash Tablets are the perfect addition to your daily oral care routine. Xylitol is also known to neutralize the pH level in the mouth, preventing harmful bacteria from growing and causing bad breath.

With 15 tablets in each package, Xylitol Mouthwash Tablets are easy to carry with you anywhere, whether you're travelling, at work, or simply out and about. Simply drop one tablet into a glass of water OR chew it with water, swish and gargle for 30 seconds, and enjoy fresh breath and a clean mouth.

Not only are Xylitol Mouthwash Tablets effective at freshening your breath and promoting oral health, but they are also environmentally friendly. With less plastic due to small package, these tablets are a sustainable option for your oral care routine.

Order your Xylitol Mouthwash Tablets today and experience the convenience and benefits of this innovative product for yourself!

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Instructions for use:

Use mouthwash 1-2 times a day when needed. Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in approx., 30-60 ML of warm water OR chew it with water for 10 seconds to transform the tablet into liquid. Swish mouthwash for 30-60 seconds. During rinsing, gargle in your mouth. Spit the solution out in the sink. Not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

NOTE! The calcium in the effervescent tablet does not dissolve completely. Calcium particles remove plaque and food debris from the interdental spaces during swishing. The product is alcohol free and suitable for vegans.

Ingredients:Xylitol, Sodium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate, Malic acid, Betaine, Tricalcium phosphate, Aroma, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Ammonium chloride, Zinc gluconate, Carboxymethylcellulose.

En ny typ av munvattentablett speciellt för torr och känslig mun. Nu kan du enkelt ta ditt munvatten som en brustablett.

Eine neuartige Mundspültablette speziell für trockenen und empfindlichen Mund. Jetzt können Sie Ihr Mundwasser ganz einfach als Brausetablette einnehmen.

Un nouveau type de comprimé de bain de bouche spécialement pour la bouche sèche et sensible. Vous pouvez désormais facilement prendre votre bain de bouche sous forme de comprimé effervescent.

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