Kuusenkerkkä xylitolipastilleja rasiassa

Kuusenkerkkä xylitolipastilleja rasiassa

  • Kuusenkerkkä xylitolipastilleja rasiassa
  • Kuusenkerkkä ksylitolipastilleja 25g
  • Super food spruce sprout xylitol pastilles with great spruce flavor and taste.

Spruce Sprout Xylitol Pastilles 50 g

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Freeze-dried spruce sprout powder is combined into xylitol matrix to make xylitolpastilles. The xylitolpastille has odour of spruce and minor flavor of spruce resin. All these flavors are combined to sweetness of xylitol.

Frystorkat grangroddpulver kombineras med xylitol för att göra xylitolpastiller. Ren naturlig smak och lukt.

Gefriergetrocknetes Fichtensprossenpulver wird mit Xylit zu Xylitpastillen kombiniert. Reiner natürlicher Geschmack und Geruch.

La poudre de germes d'épinette lyophilisée est combinée avec du xylitol pour faire des xylitolpastilles. Goût et odeur naturels purs.

Xylitol protects teeth from cavities and is a healthier alternative to normal sugar. Use xylitol after every meal of snack to prevent tooth mineralisation and cavities. It also increase salivation and helping dry mouth.

Spruce sprout xylitol tablets contain 94 %-wt. of xylitol.   Diabetic-friendly, super food, Non-GMO, Vegan, GF & Kosher 

  • High xylitol content i.e. 94 %-wt.
  • Colourants are not used.
  • Produced in Kitee, Finland
  • Super food spruce sprout
  • Spruce sprout from Finland

How to use Spruce spout xylitol pastilles

Use 1 to 2 spruce sprout xylitol tablets after snacks or meal. The maximum daily intake is 5 g of xylitol per day which means 6 tablets per day. Tablet weight is about 850 mg and in 50 g there will be about 60 tablets which mean 60 snacks or meal. Allow xylitol to melt slowly in mouth.

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