The general data protection regulation

Registry name

Narskuttelu Oy's (VAT FI28370935) online store customer register.

Address: Narskuttelu Oy, Teollisuustie 17, FI82430 Puhos, Finland.

Contact person responsible for registry matters and data protection officer:
Pekka Hoppu
Tel +358 40 195 5770

Criteria for handling personal data and keeping the register:

The register is only used to maintain customer relationship between Narskuttelu Oy and customers. Making an order does not require registration in the customer register.

The controller uses the personal data of clients or personal contacts in accordance with the Personal Data Act as follows:

(i) developing and managing customer relations
(ii) offering and delivering products
(iii) sales and marketing of the controller's products
(iv) development of the controller
(v) payment, payment control and collection

The processing of personal data is based on the current Personal Data Act as follows:

The contractual relationship between Narskuttelu Oy and the customer, when a registered party has entered into an agreement with Narskuttelu Oy with the consent of the registered when a registered user has consented to electronic direct marketing.
Narskuttelu Oy's legitimate interest in the connection between Narskuttelu Oy and the customer, among others when Narskuttelu Oy uses registered data for the marketing or advertising of its products or handles information within Narskuttelu Oy.
Narskuttelu Oy's statutory obligation, among others, is when Narskuttelu Oy retains customer's data to comply with accounting or other mandatory legislation

The information is retained for as long as necessary for the purposes described above. The customer can also influence the retention period of the data as described below.

Data content of the register

Clients and customers who have issued a marketing or contact permission are collected and deposited for the above information needed for collecting personal data, at its most extensive being: 

Customer Information

  • name
  • customer number
  • company or private person
  • contact information
  • billing address information
  • the due date
  • method of billing
  • other information gained with the consent of a customer or a potential customer that is necessary for the delivery of the
  • requested service or product
  • customer's marketing authorization and ban
  • customer feedback and other contact
  • Licensing and prohibition of distance sales and direct marketing
  • information about belonging to the registry's loyal customer systems and the necessary information to obtain any benefits
  • actions performed on the site such as visits, purchases, or product searches
  • the time, duration, and recurrence of the visit to the site
  • browser type and operating system of the device
  • type of the device, for example a computed or a mobile device
  • IP address
  • a personal identifier, such as cookies or another authentication technology equivalent to cookies
  • interaction with communication, for example seeing if a customer has opened an email sent to them

Other information received from the customer

Detected and inferred information on the use of the site

  • other information collected with the consent of the user 
  • With the help of Google Analytics you can deduct the possible interests of a client or set the client to a target group by using the information that can be deduced from the use of the website or from the information given by the customer

Regular sources of information

Customer information is obtained from customers, for example in the form of offer requests, orders, contracts, contacts and other electronic or telephone contacts. Potential customers' information is obtained, for example, through telephone sales, raffles and competitions. These data will only include the data of the customers who have issued a marketing or contact permission.

All customer contacts (both electronic and telephone) can be stored. Recordings are used for authentication of transactions and contracts, handling of complaints and the development of customer service.

Information is also collected through cookies and other similar ways that are described in more detail in the "Privacy and Cookies" clause.

Regular disclosure of information and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Information from Narskuttelu Oy's customer register is not regularly disclosed outside the EU or EEA. Within the EU, information may be disclosed to a third party for the completion of a contract such as the delivery of a product from another EU country to the address provided by the customer. According to the law in force, data may be disclosed to the authorities.

Principles of registry protection

The information contained in the customer registry is collected in databases that are protected by firewalls and password-protected technical protection techniques that are normally used. Access to the register requires a personal username and password that are only granted to a registrar's staff whose status and duties are associated with the access.

Access to data is restricted to access by Narskuttelu Oy only. Materials in the manual form are kept in the locked premises at Narskuttelu Oy.

Registered Rights

The customer has the right, according to the Personal Data Act to:

Check the information about them and request the correction or addition of incorrect or incomplete information or remove the obsolete information by sending a request in writing and signed by Narskuttelu Oy, by visiting personally at Narskuttelu Oy's premises or by modifying, supplementing, or deleting the information on the website.
Denying the use of your information to direct marketing or distance selling by writing or by telephone contacting customer service or clicking the link at the end of the electronic marketing message
block or clear cookies from your browser settings, or reset your app's ID from your mobile device's settings in the "Privacy and Cookies" clause 
make a complaint to the Authority if he or she considers that his or her knowledge has been dealt with in violation of this Privacy Statement and any applicable Personal Data Protection Act.

Contacts for User Rights:
Contact person responsible for registry matters and data protection officer: 

Pekka Hoppu
asiakaspalvelu @

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