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Narskuttelu Oy manufactures xylitol products in Puhos, Finland

Family business Narskuttelu Oy was founded in 2017. The company manufactures xylitol-products in Kitee, Finland. The business started from own garage but now the company has a factory located in Puhos, Kitee. The company is doing business in Finland and abroad. Production of xylitol-pastilles started in 2017 and own birch sap - xylitol toothpaste production in 2018.

We prefer of high-quality raw-materials and innovative business develops continually. Our online store serves private customers and also business customers. Through to us you can have also a bigger amount of xylitol-pastilles and birch sap-xylitol toothpaste for resale.

Narskuttelu Oy started making xylitol pastilles in 2016. The first tablet machine was an eccentric tablet machine which was in the production of medicinal carbon tablets in the pharmaceutical industry previously. The tablet machine was taken into pharmaceutical production in early 1960s. At the end of Leiras pharmaceutical operations in Finland, a tablet machine weighing about 600 kg ended up in a pharmacy in Central Finland. In Central Finland, the local pharmacy was supposed to start manufacturing nutraceuticals, but the machine was waiting for the store.
The autumn 2015 tablet machine had to end up in a smelter when a pharmacist retired and the tablet machine was looking for a new home. The pharmacy staff knew Pekka from Narskuttelu Oy, who has been engaged with tablet machines in the pharmaceutical industry and university. Reconstructing an old tablet machine, searching for operating settings, and getting the device up and running took about a year in the garage. This was a very interesting time to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the old machine and its operating principle.
After that, Narskuttelu Oy decided to start manufacturing its own self-made xylitol pastes with a variety of flavours, in the new food space in its own garage in autumn 2016. In 2017, the tablet machine moved to a clean room built in the industrial hall, where we are now operating in Kitee.

After moving in a clean room area the company started to produce xylitol toothpaste in 2018 and xylitol chewing gum 2019.

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