11.6.2024 Real strawberry as a new flavour

In our online store, you can now find xylitol pastilles flavored with Finnish berry powder, which gives the pastilles the taste of real strawberries. A pocket-sized tin can of xylitol pastilles is easy to carry with you.

As a new addition to our flavor selection, we have developed xylitol pastilles with the taste of real strawberries. These pastilles get their reddish color and natural flavor from powder made from Finnish freeze-dried strawberries.

A small batch of this new flavor has been made, and the real strawberry-flavored pastilles are packed in red tins. We hope to receive valuable feedback from our customers regarding the new flavor so that we can further develop the product.

The pastille tin is easy to carry with you, for example, in a pocket or bag. In addition to the real strawberry-flavored pastilles, our online store also offers xylitol pastilles in other flavors, available in pocket-sized tins. For example, along with the strawberry flavoured tin, you can get a tin can with chili or smoke and tar flavoured pastilles.

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