3.10.2023 Christmas pastille cans now for sale!

Christmas-themed xylitol pastille cans are now available for this Christmas! The tin can is a perfect Christmas gift for a friend, or as a sweet treat for your holiday table setting. These pastille cans are an excellent gift idea for corporate gifts.

These Christmassy cans come in two different flavour options. Gingerbread flavoured pastilles will remind you of baking gingerbread cookies and snacking on the dough. Milder lingonberry flavoured pastilles taste like sweet berries without tartness.

Make Christmas time even sweeter with our delicious xylitol pastilles! Spread Christmas cheer by getting your close ones these tooth-friendly pastilles in a beautiful red shiny can. The can is a perfect addition to a Christmas-themed gift basket.

Get a head start on the holidays and order our Christmas pastille cans today!

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