25.8.2023 Strong Salty Liquorice flavour is back!

Now Available! The highly popular and much-requested strong salty licorice-flavoured xylitol pastilles are back in stock. You can now order the strong salty licorice-flavoured xylitol lozenges in 100 g and 1 kg packages.

For true salty licorice enthusiasts, we are introducing a stronger version of our regular salty licorice-flavoured xylitol pastilles. This option contains twice the amount of salty licorice flavour. With these sweet pastilles, you can satisfy your licorice cravings while also taking care of your teeth. They also serve as an excellent alternative to regular salty licorice candies.

The strong salty licorice-flavoured lozenges were previously produced as limited edition items for fairs. Due to high demand and overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, we have brought the strong salty licorice flavour to our online store alongside our other flavours. You can order the strong salty licorice pastilles in 100 g bags here and in 1 kg packages here.

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