17.8.2023 Narskuttelu Oy’s sustainability report

Narskuttelu Oy’s company sustainability report has now been published to our website. In the report, we showcase our initiatives and achievements towards achieving sustainability-related goals, and demonstrate our commitment to integrating sustainability into all of our operations. The report covers environmental responsibility, societal responsibility, as well as economic viability.

Our company’s principles and sustainability have been integral to our journey for years, and they have therefore not been concocted for this report. The goals presented in the sustainability report have been our aim for a long time. However, we felt it was important to articulate the guiding values of our company and make them public on our website for everyone to see.

Within the report, we highlight our company’s responsibility through emphasizing employee safety and well-being, waste reduction and recycling, as well as utilization of renewable solar energy and a sustainable supply chain, along with ethical business practices.

You can read our sustainability report here. The report will be updated as Narskuttelu Oy continues to develop.

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