3rd June 2023 - Exciting Announcement! New Flavour option!

Schools in Finland begin their summer break today, and we have a new product and treat to celebrate this joyful occasion! Introducing our brand-new Passion Fruit flavoured xylitol pastilles, specially designed for all school leavers!

As parents with three discerning taste testers at home, we understand the importance of creating a flavour that children truly enjoy. Our kids have been highly critical of the xylitol pastilles available in the market, and we are thrilled to offer them (and you!) this delightful new flavour.

Bursting with the delicious, natural taste of passion fruit, these xylitol pastilles provide a tropical delight in every mouthful. Not only do they satisfy sweet cravings, but they are also a smart choice for oral health.

At DentalXylitol.com, we strive to provide products that promote oral hygiene while offering delectable flavours. Xylitol has been proven to help prevent tooth decay, making it an ideal choice for both children and adults.

Get your hands on our Passion Fruit-flavored xylitol pastilles today! Click the link below to explore our range of 100g packs, wholesale options, and more:

Link to Passion Fruit flavoured xylitol pastilles

Link to Passion Fruit Xylitol pastilles in 1 kg bag

Link to Passion Fruit Xylitol pastilles in 100 g bag

Make this summer break even sweeter with our Passion Fruit pastilles. Share the news with your friends and spread the word about this delightful flavour! #NarskutteluOy #PassionFruitFlavor #SchoolsOut #SummerHolidays #OralHealth #TasteExperience

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