Sept. 22nd, 2022 Sea buckthorn xylitol pastilles

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a plant growing throughout Finland. The berries are picked up from September to October.

The sea buckthorn juice has a high phenolic, flavonoid and carotenoid content (283.58, 118.42 and 6.5 mg/g, respectively) and extremely high vitamin C content (322.33 mg/g) (Bal ML et al., 2011). Now there is a possibility to order sea Buckthorn xylitol pastilles containing 88 %-wt. xylitol as a sweetener and Sea Buckthorn juice powder from Finland. The product has a great taste and nice orange colour due to original colour of sea buckthorn berry.

Sea buckthorn xylitol pastilles

Dry mouth xylitol pastilles - Sea buckthorn pastilles

Sea buckthorn xylitol powder

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