New artwork for xylitol lollipops

We got a new artwork for our xylitol lollipop packages. The new package is more colourful than the old package which was a bit pale. Now the xylitol lollipops should stand out on store shelves. Sugar free lollipops with Xylitol for a great smile. Good option for adults and kids with plenty of flavour options. The xylitol lollipops are sugar free and thus good for your teeth! Lollipops contain more than 30%-wt. xylitol and totally it contains 3 grams of xylitol which will improve oral care. Xylitol kills the Streptococcus Mutans bacteria responsible for dental decay. Sugar free lollipops are a good option also for people having diabetes OR people who other reason avoid extra sugar.

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